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Afton Mayor Endorses Folch for House

As the mayor of Afton, I know how important it is for local communities to be in charge of their own decisions. Thats why I strongly endorse Tina Folch for the Minnesota House in District 54B.

As a Hastings City Councilwoman, she understands the workings of local government and is a strong supporter of local decision-making. Her experience in both elected local government and as a staff person in city government has given her a depth of knowledge not shared by many legislators. She knows that Afton deeply cares about our environment and maintaining a diverse, scenic and healthy ecology. She understands our water quality problems and would be a strong advocate for us in St. Paul. I urge your vote for Tina Folch.

Richard Bend, Mayor of Afton

This is a paid endorsement letter to the editor.