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Schultz and Lack of Transparency

In recent campaign literature, Dana Schultz touted about her priority in rebuilding our deteriorating roads within our community.

Each year, without going to voters, the city can legally sell bonds to the tune of over $3 million. These funds are to be used towards road reconstruction and infrastructure of our roadways. However, over the past four years, approximately $2 million per year was siphoned from these funds to be used towards the Riverfront Park project. All without bringing it to the voters. Ever wonder why it was nearly a four-year project? In fact, redoing ONE ALLEY (downtown between the bridge and Sibley St.) this year, cost the taxpayers over $1,080,000. That's correct, over $1 million for a one block alley! And while doing this, the annual road reconstruction projects have been greatly downgraded and minimal. Examples include the Bailey Street project which was down sized to about $800,000. Another year, the South Frontage Road project was down sized to under $800,000, yet the city bonded for over $3 million in each of those years. In the terms of "transparency," why wasn't this information ever told to the public?

The Riverfront Project was started while Dana Schultz was still on the city council. Dana voted in favor of this and strongly supported the financial process as described above to fund this project. Yet, at the same time, the public was never informed from the beginning what the total costs would be. While Dana talks about transparency in city council, this doesn't seem transparent at all.

Let's not forget the $10,000 the city spent on a small statute that sits along an alley. Yes, $10,000 of your money!

During this time, the city has been telling local developers that there are not enough funds in the Park Dedication budget and are asking for more.

It's time for change in our city administration and our city council. Dana Schultz had her time on the council and was voted out in the last election. Please vote for real transparency and leadership for and from the people.

Sincerely, Aaron Niedermeyer

This is a paid endorsement letter to the editor.