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Keith Ellison for Minnesota Attorney General

Keith Ellison is the best candidate to become the next Minnesota Attorney General given his professional background, service to Minnesotans and commitment to protect the rights and freedoms of all Minnesotans. Keith earned his law degree from the University of MN Law School and spent 16 years as an attorney specializing in civil rights and defense law. His leadership ability has been demonstrated by his 5 years as the Executive Director of the Legal Rights Center where he focused on delivering justice for Minnesotans. In addition, Keith has represented Minnesotans in Congress and in the Minnesota House of Representatives. He has advocated for good jobs, fair taxes, affordable and accessible health care for all, workers rights, a healthy environment, affordable housing, and equality for all people. He worked hard to pass laws to fight credit card abuse.

Keith Ellison views the Attorney General position as the Peoples Lawyer. He will work for ALL Minnesotans to ensure they have affordable and accessible health care, a fair economy and equal opportunity. Keith will work tirelessly for stopping the price-gouging by big pharmaceutical companies, cracking down on the opioid epidemic, affordable and fair housing practices, fair student loans, safe work environments, protecting seniors from fraud and abuse, protecting our clean air and water, addressing gun violence, unfair competitive practices that negatively affect our economy, workers and consumers, and defending the rights of ALL Minnesotans. Keith works well with others and is committed to provide support and expertise to county attorneys to assist them in enforcing our criminal laws.

I believe voting should be based on facts and a persons total professional and public service record and not on politically motivated negative accusations. I know Keith Ellison personally and he is a good man and caring father of four. Keith Ellison has a proven effective professional record in which he has worked hard for all Minnesotans. A vote for Ellison for Minnesota State Attorney is a vote for civility and justice for ALL of us.

Terry Ferriss

Hastings, MN

This is a paid endorsement letter to the editor.