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Insider Experience Does Not Equal Success

I have felt compelled to write this letter to the residents of Hastings after reading various opinion editorials written on behalf of mayoral candidate Danna Elling Schultz. Most of these editorials have promoted that Schultz has "experience" and "connections" in and outside of the city of Hastings. Schultz may have had experience in our city council and at the Minnesota Capitol, but to be frank, have we really seen an improvement in our city in the last ten years? In my opinion, all we have witnessed is closing businesses, vacant buildings, and decreasing school enrollments. Why should people choose Hastings over our prospering neighbor, Cottage Grove? While Hastings does have an amazing riverfront, how has it really affected our local small businesses? The private businesses that have remained in Hastings are thriving due to their own hard work and determination, not the citys. I have worked in downtown Hastings for over 27 years. I can tell you from first-hand experience that the city of Hastings does not make it easy for local businesses to prosper. Business owners must jump through hoops in order to get things done to appease our city officials. My point is that experience may be beneficial, but it is time to let loyal, hardworking citizens have a say in what is happening in our town. Lets stop being so vain and think about what has actually been occurring in our city this last decade. Experience is not limited to sitting in a leather chair or to just talking inside of a chamber. There may be an underlying reason as to why our leaders are not running for reelection, have not won reelection, or are now seeking employment opportunities outside of Hastings. Let us stop focusing on the power of the podium and actually listen to our concerned citizens. Thank you.

-Stacie Schutt

This is a paid endorsement letter to the editor.