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Tom Cherney has character needed for City Council

There are probably only a few people in Hastings I personally know well as I am not terribly outgoing. But I do want to share my insights to the attitudes and character of a man with anyone in the Hastings community who might be interested.

Tom Cherney is one of the first people I met when moving to Hastings over a decade ago. I have the opportunity to see him on a frequent basis, and he still has an ever-growing set of experiences and life stories to discuss.

I think he hits it off so well with most people because he has approached his life always ready to engage to learn and be a part of others lives. For anyone who doesnt know Tom, I want to share with them the opportunity that is presented to them now that he has chosen to run for Hastings City Council.

The attributes I most strongly admire in Tom Cherney are that he is able to connect and be interested in people, he truly wants everyone to succeed and be active participants in making a better community, he has been in positions to see the worst of people, and it has not quieted him, but brought voice to the good he sees around him.

This all sounds rather rosy, but it is tempered with the fact you dont get a free pass in life and you can likely be assured a good debate.

I encourage you to vote for Tom Cherney for Hastings City Council on Nov. 6.

This is a paid endorsement letter to the editor.