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Mary for Mayor

I have known Mary Hoffman Fasbender for several decades and I know she will bring back honesty, integrity and transparency to our city administration that we so desperately desire.

Mary will treat all citizens - including all city employees - with dignity and respect.

Mary has dedicated her life to making Hastings a better community. As mayor, she will be positioned to do even more great things for our city.

As a long time business owner of 34 years, Mary understands the needs of an established business and what it takes to keep a business successful.

I have been a resident of Hastings for the last 57 years. John and I have raised our family here.

We are excited for what Mary can accomplish for our community as our next mayor.

Please vote for Mary Hoffman Fasbender and remember her motto -

"For the people - not the podium."

This is a paid endorsement letter to the editor.