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Denny McNamara

Denny McNamara

Denny McNamara was the only local legislator (serving at that time and prior to any of my elected service) to return my calls when I had an issue with state legislation regarding my business that I felt would severely impact my ability to provide for my family and employees. I was a new first time small business owner and I was scared. After several attempts and messages to all our local state legislators, Denny was the only one to return my call. After a brief conversation on the issue Denny said something that I carry with me and practice today. Denny McNamara said "Keith, I agree with you, my party seems to agree with you, but I have to vote how my district wants me to." I can respect that! I have never served with Denny or worked with him on any other issues than that. My experience with Denny McNamara tells me he will serve us as he always has in the MN. Senate, "HOW THE DISTRICT WANTS".