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Tina Folch for House Representative

Tina Folch for House Representative

As a recent two-term Cottage Grove City Council Member, Im interested in this falls election. And, because I care for our community and only want the best for it, I am honored to support Tina Folch for the Minnesota House of Representatives.

Tina is currently a Hastings City Council Member, and while she lives in Hastings now, she lived in Cottage Grove for 16 years before moving back to her hometown. Shes clearly invested in this community. Tina has more than 20 years of experience in local and state government strategic planning and financial management. Not only does Tina have the work experience to represent us well, she has the educational background. She has a Masters in Public Administration from Hamline School of Business.

In her current position with the City of Red Wing, she has placed her experience and education to work in the area of clean energy. Her work was awarded a 2018 Clean Energy Community Achievement Award from the Minnesota Department of Commerce. Tina knows the importance of energy efficiency, conservation and renewable energy. With all the issues our community currently faces, like water contamination, I think Tinas laser focus on the environment is just what we need in St. Paul working for us.

I hope youll join me in supporting Tina Folch for the Minnesota House of Representatives for District 54B. To learn more, please visit her website at

Sincerely, Jen Peterson, Cottage Grove City Council 2009-2016