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Betts Chiropractic has small town roots

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An actor, band member, football player, baseball player and speech member, Dr. Brian Betts said that growing up with a graduating class of only 48 people allowed him to become well-rounded and to explore many different career paths.

“I was going to be a history teacher and a football coach originally,” said Betts, whose parents were farmers.

Being involved in so many activities and sports while attending high school in a small, northeastern Nebraska town, Betts ended up injuring his knee.

“I had to get physical therapy and I actually thought, ‘Wow, this is pretty cool,’” Betts said. “It was very difficult to get into physical therapy school, so I decided to be a chiropractor and I could do everything a physical therapist could do.”

Betts said he was dating someone who lived in Faribault while he was in the college and liked the area. Not long after, he decided to make the move to Minnesota.

Betts ran his own clinic in south Minneapolis for 11 years before leaving to become an independent contractor in the south metro.

“Where I was at, I was paying for twice as much space as I needed,” he said.

Now, Betts is happy to be back in a small town, operating his own clinic, Betts Family Chiropractic,  at 115 Elm St. in Farmington.

“It’s nicer being your own boss,” he said.

Traffic wise, Betts said he has enjoyed the increase in patients in his Farmington location since he opened in mid-January.

Betts makes the commute each day from Oakdale to see roughly 60 to 80 patients a week at his clinic.

His emphasis is on sports injuries, he said. Having been an athlete and experienced an injury himself, he wants to make sure younger athletes are trying a variety of sports and taking breaks to avoid injury.

“One patient was having knee problems at 13 years old,” Betts said. “They go to soccer practice and then they have basketball practice. It’s just too much.”

In the near future, Betts hopes to also start practicing on-site chiropractic for a company in order to cater to employees who need quick care during their work day.

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