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Minnesota drivers are the best or worst?

ST. PAUL — Minnesota drivers are the best in the U.S., and we're among the worst in the U.S.

Confused? The two completely opposite assessments of Minnesotans' driving safety and traffic law compliance came recently from two different companies in the insurance industry. put out a report in late November saying Minnesota is the best.

About a week later, QuoteWizard put out a report saying Minnesota is the 11th worst.

The Pioneer Press contacted both companies about the disagreement. Josh Barnes, project manager for, defended his company's report, the one that called Minnesota drivers the best in the country.

"This is the fifth year of our annual study. The study has been featured by USA Today ... three years running because of the content, methodology, and data transparency," Barnes said. "Quotewizard released their first year edition this year, a week after our study was showcased in USA Today. The ranking factors used by QuoteWizard are the exact same five ranking factors used in our study, but adjusted slightly to change the final rankings."

"The timing of their release and the exact methodology deems the Quotewizard study, in our opinion, as questionable of originality.

"Additionally, Quotewizard does not display the data used to evaluate a state's final rank — we do (Study and Data Table). Our information is open to analysis and critique, while Quotewizard just presents a list. Our data is compiled from National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), and we cite each piece of data used by NHTSA. Quotewizard states they use data from the Federal Highway Administration, but they fail to link to exact sources — this directory is their only linked source.

Barnes said his company has "reached out to QuoteWizard, but they wouldn't admit any wrongdoing."

The Pioneer Press also reached out to QuoteWizard, but hadn't heard back.