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Dayton scheduled for early March prostate surgery

Minnesota Governor Mark Dayton gives his annual State of the State Address in the House Chambers of the State Capitol in St. Paul, Monday, Jan. 23, 2017. Scott Takushi / St. Paul Pioneer Press

ST. PAUL—Minnesota Gov. Mark Dayton is scheduled to undergo prostate removal surgery Thursday, March 2 at Mayo Clinic in Rochester.

Dayton's staff said the governor is expected to be under general anesthesia for two hours and will remain in the hospital overnight. He expects to resume his regular schedule March 6.

Dayton announced at a Jan. 24 press conference that he had been diagnosed with prostate cancer.

The announcement came just 16 hours after the governor collapsed about 45 minutes into his State of the State speech.

He told reporters that the incident was not related to his diagnosis. Dayton has publically fainted once before in 2016 and was hospitalized overnight.

A round of tests carried out at Mayo Clinic last week indicated the cancer had not spread beyond the prostate. According to a post on Dayton's personal Facebook page, the surgery is expected to remove all of the cancer.

"I am told that I will likely need to spend one night in the hospital," Dayton said in his post. "However, after the surgery, I will be in constant contact with Lt. Governor Tina Smith and my senior staff throughout my time at Mayo."

Doctors believe the early detection of the cancer means Dayton has a good chance of recovering, which in this case would mean at least five years of remission.

Dayton's father, Bruce, had also been diagnosed with prostate cancer. The governor told reporters his father lived 25 years after his diagnosis before he died at age 97.

"Many friends and strangers have shared with me their experiences dealing with prostate cancer," Dayton said. "You have lifted my spirits and given me both hope and resolve. I am deeply grateful to you."