Prairieview Park set for major facelift


Prairieview Park will see a major facelift this summer as it reaches the end of its master parks plan this July.

Located in Park Place neighborhood on Farmington's north side, families and the public will be able to recreate and play on playground equipment, a larger basketball court and eat together under a new picnic shelter.

The Farmington City Council approved some of the work at its Monday, May 1, meeting.

The north side city park is parallel to the Prairieview Ponds that are ideal for fishing. The park is also adjacent to winding nature trails nestled inside Farmington Preserve, a popular destination for walking or running.

"We are looking to install it by mid to late July," said Randy Distad, parks and recreation director. The city decided on the middle of summer to avoid conflicts with youth traveling baseball schedules since there is a widely used baseball field connected to the park.

"We will put in a multi-generational feature that is an intergenerational swing where you can swing and sit and face each other at the same time, so grandmas and grandpas can sit with their grandchildren together," Distad said.

"It is the first time we have seen something like this from the manufacturer that is all inclusive," Distad added.

The park's current playground equipment will remain and the new, non-traditional playground equipment will be installed to the west. The new play equipment will allow youth to focus on upper body strength.

"We will remove the basketball court and construct a new basketball court this summer and a new 30-foot-by-30 square shelter like at the Lake Julia Park with picnic tables and grills," Distad said.

"We thought with baseball games going on, it would be nice to have the shelter bigger for teams playing and families," Distad said.

A new bocce ball court will be constructed by city staff in the future, Distad said. Park guests can bring their own bocce ball equipment to play.

After the playground equipment has been installed and wood fiber safety surfacing material has been placed, Distad said a new concrete border and concrete pads for three park benches will be constructed.

"After the concrete has adequately cured, park maintenance staff members will backfill around the finished border and then finish grade and seed the area to be restored," said Distad.

City staff solicited quotes from 17 contractors to construct the concrete playground border and three bench pads. The life expectancy for the concrete playground border is about 30 years.

The city park's budget impact for Prairieview Park will be $10,000 and will come out of the 2017 Park Improvement Fund budget and will cover the concrete playground border and bend pads.

Since the low quote submitted and approved is under the estimated budgeted amount, the Park Improvement Fund balance will be just over $150,000, Distad said.

Prairieview Park upgrades this summer will complete this park's long-term master plan created in 2008 after the neighborhood was built in the late 1990s.