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$200,000 check dropped in Twin Cities red kettle

Salvation Army received a $200,000 check in a Cub Foods store in the South Metro on Dec. 16, 2017. The check is the second largest donation ever received in a red kettle in the Twin Cities. Photo courtesy of Craig Dirkes

ST. PAUL -- Salvation Army was 10 percent behind last year’s fundraising numbers with only eight days of bell-ringing to go.

On Saturday, a donor dropped a $200,000 check into a kettle, helping bring that deficit to just 7 percent behind last year’s numbers.

The check, dropped in a kettle at a Cub Foods in the south metro, is the second-largest donation ever dropped into a red kettle in the Twin Cities.

“This gift comes at a critical time for The Salvation Army,” Lonneal Richardson, the leader of the Salvation Army’s Northern Division, said in a statement.

The donor wished to remain anonymous but told the Salvation Army they hoped the donation would inspire others to be generous as well.

The large check comes on the tail of several donations from Saint Grand, an anonymous donor who’s been giving since 2011. He or she has given nearly $10,000 this year in seven $1,300 donations.

The Twin Cities Salvation Army’s fundraising goal is $11.7 million overall by the end of the year. The red kettle goal for the metro area is $2.6 million. Last year, the nonprofit came in $100,000 short of its goal.