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New playground equipment coming to two Farmington parks

An artist's rendering of Marigold Park. Art courtesy of the city of Farmington1 / 2
An artist's rendering of Prairie Pines Park. Art courtesy of the city of Farmington2 / 2

FARMINGTON — Children and families will be exploring two new parks in Farmington this summer. Farmington City Council approved new shelters and playground equipment for Prairie Pines Park and Marigold Park during its March 4 meeting.

The two playground equipment structures have been ordered and will be manufactured in the next five to six weeks. Randy Distad, director of city parks and recreation, said the playground equipment and park shelters will be installed this summer.

Distad also said the park shelters have a 40- to 50-year lifespan and most playground equipment carry a 20-year lifespan before it needs to be replaced. The new equipment has warranties.

Prairie Pines Park, located in the boundary area of 223rd Street and Cambrian Way, is east of Highway 3 and south of Highway 50, just west of the Fountain Valley Golf Club. The smaller Marigold Park is located on 212th Street West.

Marigold Park

Farmington City Council approved funding for the Marigold Park playground equipment at $25,000 to be paid out of the 2019 Park Improvement Fund.

Due to the increased tariffs on aluminum and steel, Distad said the budgeted amount was bumped up to $30,000. The park shelter amount to purchase and install came in at $25,000.

In December 2018, city staff mailed RFP (Request for Proposal) to solicit bids for playground equipment and five companies submitted playground equipment proposals.

The Farmington Parks and Recreation Commission reviewed the playground equipment proposals at its Feb. 13 meeting and unanimously selected the company PlayPower, in Farmington, Mo., that is sold by Northland Recreation, Inc., located in Woodbury. The cost for the equipment is $23,800 — including shipping costs.

The commission reported Northland best met the criteria due to cost, the equipment was designed for all ages of children, the total number of play components compared well with other proposals, and the overall design best met the farm design theme the commission identified.

The commission and council approved the installation of the Marigold playground equipment will be done by Clear Stream Construction, Inc., for $6,150 as the low quote on the bid.

The commission also reviewed four proposals for a new square-shaped park shelter. St. Croix Recreation Fund Playgrounds, Inc., in Stillwater was chosen. The cost to purchase the shelter materials is $13,580, including shipping.

Contracting Solutions, Inc. will install the shelter at $11,420. The installation work includes the pouring of concrete footings, construction of the shelter and an installation of a concrete slab under the shelter.

Prairie Pines Park

New playground equipment and a shelter will be installed at Prairie Pines Park this summer.

The council approved $65,000 to install and purchase the equipment that comes out of the 2019 Park Improvement Fund. The shelter was budgeted for $35,000.

In December 2018, the RFPs were mailed to six companies. Five companies submitted two proposals.

"The RFP allowed companies to submit two different playground proposals, one for a traditional post and deck system and one for a nontraditional system that did not include a post and decks," Distad said.

The Parks and Recreation Commission reviewed and approved nine proposals and unanimously selected PlayPower as well. The cost was $51,600, including shipping.

The commission chose this bid due to four reasons: the equipment suits all ages of children, the cost did not exceed $65,000, the equipment offers many play components, and this type of play system is unique for the city's park system.

Classic Recreation Company, Inc. was selected to manufacture the park shelter and it will be installed by Midwest Playscapes, Inc. The cost of the equipment is $20,300, including shipping.

Distad said the city has park shelters manufactured by Classic Recreation and has been pleased with the durability of the shelters.

The commission recommended MW Playground Contractors install the park shelter at a cost of $14,700, the low installation quote.

The Prairie Pines Park equipment and shelter will cost a total of $99,950.

Currently, there is more than $450,000 in the Park Improvement Fund and after these two park projects, the fund balance will be reduced to $295,050.