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Downtown Farmington Subway burglary took less than a minute

Police say a hooded suspect burglarized the Subway on Elm Street in Farmington on May 9, 2018. Kara Hildreth / Contributor

A masked man took less than a minute to shatter a front glass door and burglarize the downtown Subway restaurant in Farmington.

Farmington Police responded to an alarm call at around 3:40 a.m. May 9 that reported a door was broken into at the downtown fast food restaurant located off Elm Street.

“They got to the area pretty quick and the front door and glass were smashed out and somebody removed the cash register,” said Farmington Police Sgt. Jim Murphy. Officers arrived on scene within a couple minutes after the alarm went off and the security system alerted police dispatch.

After the burglar took the cash from the cash register, the suspect was believed to have taken off on foot, Murphy said.

“There is no vehicle associated at this time,” he added.

Store video surveillance shows a suspect fully clothed and wearing a hooded sweatshirt who left the scene on foot, and for now, there are no other leads, Murphy said. As part of normal protocol for investigations, Murphy said the police are reviewing downtown video surveillance to see if the suspect can be spotted on other cameras.

Don Schussler, proprietor of two Subway restaurants in Farmington, said this is the first and hopefully the last burglary in the last 25 years since he opened this downtown location in Farmington.

“My daughter lives right in Farmington and she was notified and she met police across from the store while the officers cleaned the scene inside,” Schussler said.

“The perpetrator had a hoodie, gloves and face mask and so I believe he was pretty much not easy to identify,” said Schussler.

The amount of money stolen was not disclosed. 

“We are negligible the amount in the till because he took the till box with the cash in it but he did not get into the safe,” Schussler said.

The store does not keep very much cash in the register each night and we do not get much cash due to credit and debit cards today,” he added.

Besides the property damage and cash stolen, nothing else appeared to have been taken.

“I am glad no one was hurt,” said Schussler.

There are no other area suburban Subway restaurants that have been burglarized recently, Murphy said.

Farmington Police are investigating the case and welcome information on the suspect, the crime scene or the burglary. Tips can be given at (651) 280-6700 or by messaging on the police department’s Facebook page.

Editor's note: A previous version of this story referred to the burglary as a robbery.