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Farmington students want to scare hunger

This Halloween marks Farmington's second year of participation in a We Act campaign called We Scare Hunger. Students from Farmington schools will trick-or-treat for items to benefit the Farmington Food Shelf. The We Day Initiative in Farmington began last year by raising money to build a school in Kenya. As a district, Farmington was able to raise $10,000 in 43 days.

This year, Farmington Area Public Schools will partner with 360 Communities for the We Scare Hunger campaign. All donations will be directly donated to Farmington's food shelf. Instead of students trick-or-treating for candy, the students will be trick-or-treating for non-perishable foods and other items. The student's goal for this Halloween is to collect 4,500 pounds of food.

The food shelf is also in need of some specific items. The top 10 items this time of the year are: granola bars, cereal, salad dressing, canned fruit, brownie/muffin/cake boxes, tissues, personal care items (shampoo, conditioner, soaps), microwave popcorn, and diapers sizes 3, 4, and 5. Anyone who would like to donate money can make a check payable to Farmington Food Shelf.

On Nov. 12, middle school and high school students will travel to the Xcel Energy Center for We Day Minnesota. The lineup includes names like Magic Johnson, iLuminate, Spencer West, The Band Perry and Martin Sheen. These and others will speak and perform to encourage a youth empowerment movement.

In addition to the A-list celebrities, founders of Free the Children, Craig and Mark Kielburger, will speak towards their cause. Farmington will be one of many schools attending from around the state. There is a catch to getting a ticket: you can’t purchase them. You must earn them. The school must perform a local and global community service project in order to gain tickets. It is Farmington's vision that the We Scare Hunger campaign will serve as its local community service project. Farmington has previously earned their tickets by building the school in Kenya and by various local community service projects. The students of Farmington are asking for support in their campaign to continue serving their community this year.