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School board members take oath of office

One new Farmington School Board member Rebecca Kaletta (left) and returning members, Melissa Sauser and Steve Corraro, along with student members, Jack Bauerle and Bernadette Lapore, took the oath of office Monday, Jan. 14, inside City Hall. Kara Hildreth / Contributor

Farmington School Board members took an oath of office during its meeting at City Hall on Jan. 14.

Returning members, Melissa Sauser and Steve Corraro, and newly-elected board member Rebecca Kaletta were sworn in along with two student members by Superintendent Jay Haugen.

New board assignments include Jacilyn Doyle as the new board chair and Julie Singewald as the vice chair.

Jake Cordes will serve as board clerk and Kaletta will be treasurer.

Haugen will lead the district's executive committee alongside the board leadership of Doyle and Singewald.

Cordes and Singewald were appointed to lead the district's long-range planning and finance committee, Doyle and Kaletta will lead the policy committee, and Cordes and Sauser will lead the district's public engagement and legislative police committee.

Cordes was appointed to serve on the Castle Rock, Empire, Eureka and Farmington Enhancement Group committee, and Singewald and Cordes were appointed to represent the school district on the Association of Metropolitan School Districts.

After some discussion about salaries, the board approved new salaries or stipends for 2019. The school board approved a 2 percent stipend increase that is in line with district pay raises.

The stipends include $5,585 paid to the board chair, $5,037 paid to the vice chair and $4,488 paid to other board members for the year.