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Farmington, Rosemount police will produce a cable show

The newest tool to help police keep the peace in Farmington and Rosemount isn’t a new weapon. It’s not a vehicle. It’s a TV show.

After years of using its public access cable channels mostly as an outlet for broadcasting government meetings, the two cities are joining with Apple Valley to produce a regular show highlighting police-related topics. By next year, the show will expand to include the cities’ fire departments as well.

Apple Valley has produced its own police department show, Valley Beat, for a least the past 15 years. But it was only a year or so ago Farmington and Rosemount started talking seriously about expanding their own television presence.

“It popped up on and off for probably several years, but conditions were never quite right for it,” said Mark Moore cable coordinator for all three cities.

Farmington, Rosemount and Apple Valley have for years teamed up to negotiate franchise fees with cable companies. It’s those fees that pay Moore’s salary as well as the cost for producing programming like meeting broadcasts and this police show.

Rosemount police chief Mitch Scott is plenty familiar with Valley Beat. He came to Rosemount from the Apple Valley Police Department. He sees value in getting police officers on TV.

“I think it’s going to be a great tool,” he said. “Anytime we have a venue to utilize to get the word out, it’s great.”

The new show will feature officers from each of the departments. There will be segments specific to each city — Moore was in Farmington during Dew Days to film a segment on how Farmington police celebrate the festival, and he’ll do something similar for Leprechaun Days in Rosemount — as well as topics of more general interest like emergency sirens.

“We’ve done shows about traffic enforcement. We’ve done shows about the investigations unit,” Moore said. “We’ve done shows about how the department collaborates with other agencies.”

There are still details to work out. Moore sent an email to all three chiefs recently looking for a name that’s more inclusive of all three cities.

There are more changes coming, too. In addition to bringing in the fire departments next year, Moore would like to create a magazine-style show that will present features on all three cities.

“These shows aren’t just vehicles to promote the cities,” Moore said. “It’s to inform the public about what the cities are doing for them.”

The shows will air on channels 180 and 188.

Nathan Hansen

Nathan Hansen has been a reporter and editor with the Farmington Independent and the Rosemount Town Pages since 1997. He is very tall.

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