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Election 2016 Candidate Q/A: City council candidate Brett Wilson

Brett Wilson1. What would you say is the top challenge facing the city of Farmington, and how would you address it?

The top challenge facing our city is the hypertaxation of Farmington residents and the large amount of debt the city still carries. Before the city should concern itself with massive recreational projects I believe that we need to get our financial house in order. Now is the time to pare down government spending and focus on increasing our tax base. That does not mean cutting services or sacrificing other benefits the city provides, it means the city needs to start thinking creatively to cut costs in all departments.

2. Why do you think you should be elected to the Farmington City Council?

I believe I should be elected to the City Council because I can provide the residents of this city with a new, youthful perspective to add to our council. My first goal as a council member would be to increase community involvement with local government and I believe that I am the candidate best capable of achieving that. I don't have much experience with business development and the like, but frankly there are always going to be members of the council or EDA that have years in those fields and I am not running on the platform of being an expert. What I can promise is that if I am elected, I will do whatever is necessary in order to get members of the community interested and involved in government decision making. My vision is for the council to work for all Farmington residents, and the first step to achieving that is to hear from as many Farmingtonites as possible when making decisions that affect all who live here.

3. Farmington residents will have the chance to vote on two recreation facilities referendums. How do you think the city should approach improving recreation opportunities in the community?

I do not believe that now is the time to spend massive amounts of money on new recreational facilities in Farmington, as proposed in the 2016 referendum. Instead I would like to see the city work to improve recreational opportunities through more small scale, community focused initiatives. It doesn't take multi-million dollar facilities to satisfy most Farmington residents recreational needs for them and their families. Where there is a dearth of recreational opportunities I would like to see the city involve the local residents in providing affordable, low maintenance solutions where they are needed most.

4. How do you think the city should balance residents’ desire for a small town feel with the push to bring businesses to town and broaden the city’s tax base?

Farmington is no longer a small town, with a population of over 20,000. But that doesn't mean that we have to lose the small town feel and sense of community that many love. It does mean that for the city to meet the needs and expectations of its citizens we need to increase retail and business development in Farmington. I do not believe that it has to be a trade-off that to bring more suburban offerings to the city, we will lose that feel. Farmington has lots of land that can be developed for retail and business, and I don't foresee historic downtown Farmington being overtaken by such development to accomplish that. 'Small town feel' has little to do with the size of a city or the shops that it offers, but everything to do with the people and community that reside in it.

Age: 21

Occupation: Security Professional

Education: H.S. Diploma

Family: Irrelevant to this campaign

Civic Involvement: Long time listener, first time candidate