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Regetta Fields development approved in Farmington

Regetta Fields will be a new housing development of 61 single-family homes to be built off Flagstaff Avenue and Highway 50 near Farmington High School. Kara Hildreth / contributor

Regetta Fields will be a new housing development on farmland off Flagstaff Avenue near Farmington High School.

The Farmington City Council approved the preliminary and final plat for Tim Giles of Giles Properties, Inc., to build the new housing development at the Aug. 21 council meeting. The farmland property owner is Richard Sayers. The development will be located off Highway 50 and Flagstaff Avenue.

The housing development will eventually include 61 lots on 24 acres. The agricultural land is surrounded by clusters of residential properties.

Farmington City Planner Tony Wippler said Regetta Fields development would include three out lots within the preliminary plat to be used for a stormwater facility on 3 acres, park land on 1.34 acres and a trail on 0.18 acres.

Two main road accesses are planned to connect Flagstaff to the northern boundary of the site and loop through the development. A secondary access to Flagstaff would connect the southern boundary of the site.

"A turn lane will be provided for the southbound land of Flagstaff," Wippler said.

Parkland will be dedicated on the northwest corner of the proposed subdivision. Parks staff and commission reviewed plans related to the parks, trails and sidewalks, according to Randy Distad, city director of parks and recreation.

Both sanitary sewer and water located off Flagstaff Avenue will be extended west in the development and will be installed to eventually serve the properties to the south upon later future development, Wippler said.

Final plat

Regetta Fields is planned to be phased in over time. The first phase calls for 32 single-family, residential lots with four out lots to become a storm water facility, parkland, trail and land for future phases to be ready for residential lots.

City engineers reviewed the Regetta Fields preliminary and final plats and recommended the council approve the applications.

The Planned Unit Development agreement allows for flexibility for the development. "The net density for the entire development is 3.13 units per acre, and the R-2 zone requires a minimum net density of 3.5 acres per acre," Wippler said.

Public concerns

The Farmington Planning Commission held a public hearing Aug. 8 and recommended approval with a 5-0 vote with the contingencies.

At the June 13 public hearing, the commission received some public concerns about development on this property. Wippler said the city staff responded to the public's comments regarding this site.

"There were comments from the public that groundwater flow paths have changed since the Flagstaff Avenue road project," he said. "Flow paths generally follow an east-west direction across the Regetta site, and are not likely to influence north and east of the site which lie at or above the elevations within the development."

The public had concerns about traffic and safety, especially school traffic on Flagstaff Avenue and County Highway 50.

"A right turn lane will be incorporated at the northern access," Wippler said.

Dakota County indicated it will complete an updated analysis of the intersection as development continues to occur in the area.

"Once it is determined the intersection meets warrants, the county will work with the city to evaluate traffic control options and program improvements," Wippler said.