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Improvements coming for 8 school buildings

FARMINGTON — The School Board approved construction to redesign learning spaces inside five elementary buildings, two middle schools and Farmington High School.

Dan Miller, director of operations, presented a bid proposal and the board approved the total contract of $1,470,000 from JT Egner Construction in Lakeville during the regular Feb. 12 board meeting.

Two alternate bids for new carpet at Riverview Elementary and new flooring at Farmington High School were rejected due to the high prices.

"I am here tonight to go through our bid proposals for our innovative spaces throughout our district," Miller said.

Last year the district formed teacher teams who worked in collaboration with designers and architects to come up with innovative learning spaces in each school building and two spaces at Farmington High School. Construction plans will be underway and new learning spaces will begin taking shape in March.

Farmington School District 192 adopts a vision that students can achieve academic success through collaborative learning and updated personal learning spaces. The district believes new educational learning spaces will spark students' appetite for learning and cultivate new ideas, as well as ensure each student reaches his or her highest learning aspirations.

Core values behind the innovative learning and new building design include creating personalized learning environments, nurturing the will for students to succeed, creating a deep community collaboration, respecting the wisdom and integrity of each student and supporting students' individuality and interdependence.

Board member Jacilyn Doyle asked Miller if the furniture and technology price tag will come in under $2 million.

"We are expecting it to come in a little higher — one of the things is that this is a very unique project in that it is eight different sites and nine different projects, and to an individual like myself, I would think a million or a million and a half is a big job for a construction project, but not so much when you spread it out over the course of all those different site locations," Miller said.

There will be oversight, he added, and staff will work to trim costs where possible.

In early estimates, Miller said, the estimate from Wold Architects for construction may come in over $150,000. Doyle asked where the funds could come. Out of existing bond dollars, Miller said.

The rejected bids for carpet at Riverview Elementary and new flooring at Farmington High may be considered for replacement via another avenue in the future, Miller said.