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Pilot Knob sign will light the way

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FARMINGTON — The city's monument entrance sign on Pilot Knob Road will soon have new illumination.

Farmington City Council approved an agreement with Helm Electric to install LED lighting using regular electrical service on the city's north entrance. The $4,785 price will be paid from Farmington Liquor Store funds, said Randy Distad, parks and recreation director.

The approval action was taken during the June 18 Farmington City Council meeting.

At a June 11 work session, Distad reminded the council how one project goal for this year was to light and clean the five city entrance signs. All five entrance signs and similar signs located at Farmington Police station and Farmington Fire Station No. 2 have been cleaned.

Two lighting options were discussed that included using solar power or regular electrical service. The bids to light the Pilot Knob Road were obtained. The quote to use the solar energy is $5,170 and a quote for regular LED lighting was $4,785.

Distad reviewed the pros and cons of each lighting approach during the work session discussion.

Farmington Mayor Todd Larson said he was willing to start out with one sign.

Council member Robyn Craig believed it was a good idea but wanted to see how it impacted the 2019 budget.

Council member Katie Bernhjelm asked about the estimated monthly cost for lighting the sign.

Farmington City Administrator David McKnight said the monthly electrical cost for the EDA-owned downtown sign is between $18 and $20 a month.

Bernhjelm added she would like to see the lighting installed before more homes are built on the city's border.

Council member Bartholomay supported the project and use of liquor store profits.

After the approval for lighting the city's monument sign off Pilot Knob Road, the council directed city staff to move forward on the entrance sign.