Flexible Learning Day slated for Farmington Public Schools


Farmington Area Public Schools plans a Flexible Learning Day on Feb. 16.

Due to the winter storm and snow day Jan. 23, the district declared an emergency Flexible Learning Day on that day.

The term "flexible learning day" refers to a school day when instead of coming to school, students study and work online using Schoology, a digital learning platform. Teachers share assignments and hold virtual office hours while students complete assignments and receive guidance from teachers.

Digital Learning Days are possible through the district's 1:1 iPad integration and because 95 percent of district students have internet access at home. The teachers are still actively engaged with students, directing and overseeing work.

Flexible learning days may be planned in advance or held in the event of unplanned school closures due to situations such as severe weather or a power outage.

The district received a number of questions regarding how the Feb. 15 day will impact the pre-scheduled Flexible Learning Day on Feb. 16.

Parents and the public can refer to the online website calendar for schedule changes at www.farmington.k12.mn.us/for_parents/flexible_learning_days.