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Letter: City pool a staple of the community

City pool a stable of the community

For the past 20 years, I have been enjoying the Farmington municipal pool. Five of these years have included my employment and, although some years have been better than others, one thing has become blatantly clear: The pool is important to the community in southern Farmington.

Over the years I have become very aware that running the pool costs the city money. I am also aware that the city suggested building a $10 million project that would include a brand new pool, but this idea was rejected by voters. In addition, a $600,000 to $700,000 splash pad was suggested.

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Can I ask how many children/teenagers/adults can spend a couple hours almost every day of the summer at a splash pad? At any warm day at the pool, I could probably identify by name at least a couple dozen of the patrons; some days I could identify them all. I think it is safe to say that the people in southern Farmington want the pool to stay, not because they want to drain the city of money but because the pool is central to the formation of their kids' imaginations, the community's health and the unity of the neighborhood.

If the city is not willing to make sacrifices to invest its money into the health of the communities that it claims to have in their best interests, then what is the city willing to make sacrifices for? A multi-million-dollar pool with a lazy river that proves that we are as attractive as the cities north of us? Forgive me for saying so, but if the city is not willing to hear the cries of the community members who are already living in southern Farmington, then why in the world would we even bother attracting people to come to Farmington?

The pool is not just a place that you can throw away. I realize that you cannot keep the same pool running forever, but this pool is an important staple of my community. If you take away the staple, then what are we left with? A bunch of unattached community members.

Lauren Ellis