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Filling the food shelf cupboard: Nearly $6,000 donated from Farmington Liquors customers

Farmington Liquors stores donated $5,972 to purchase 17,916 pounds of food given to Farmington Food Shelf. Food shelf leaders Trent Wood and Kris Akin thanked the community and Farmington Liquor Operations Manager Blair Peterson (right) on behalf of 360 Communities at the Dec. 4 Farmington City Council meeting. Kara Hildreth / contributor

Customers who shop at Farmington Liquors donated funds that will help local families fill cupboards with groceries from Farmington Food Shelf.

"We did another one of our donations drives and it is an annual one we do each October for our 360 Communities Farmington Food Shelf, and thanks to our generous customers we raised $5,972," said Blair Peterson, manager of Farmington Liquor Operations that operates two city-owned liquor stores off Pilot Knob Road and Elm Street.

Farmington Liquors donated $5,972 from its customers to purchase 17,916 pounds of food given to Farmington Food Shelf, which operates as part of the 360 Communities area food shelves.

Peterson thanked the local grocery store, Family Fresh, that served as the shopping venue to purchase more than 1,000 pounds of food or $1,222 of groceries on Nov. 9.

"The store donated a couple carts of food and grocery products and they opened up a lane for us because we had a lot of groceries," Peterson said.

Farmington Liquors presented a large check for the remaining amount of $4,749.65 to 360 Communities at the Dec. 4 Farmington City Council meeting.

"I am sure you can put this to good use since you have good buying power down there," Peterson said.

"On behalf of 360 Communities and Farmington Food Shelf, we would like to thank Farmington Liquor stores and all their customers for this generous donation," said Kris Akin.

"When I heard about this, my mouth just fell open because it was such a great gift for the food shelf," Akin said.

Farmington Food Shelf will use it and purchase as much food in Farmington, as possible, Akin said, as the 360 Communities organization holds standing orders each month to purchase different grocery products.

"Because 360 is our parent organization, we are able to purchase food through the food group and Second Harvest Heartland, and we are able to save a lot of money by buying through them, and this money will go a very long way to help serve the people in the area that are in need," Akin said.

Peterson encouraged residents to check out a video showing the food shelf and city liquor stores' relationship. The video can be viewed on the city's website or Facebook page.

Farmington Food Shelf serves 90 to 100 families and individuals a month. It is located in the city's oldest school building, the Instructional Service Center located at 500 Walnut St. in downtown Farmington. Donations can be made by calling ahead at 651-463-5019.

"From the bottom of our hearts, we have about 20 to 30 volunteers down there and we thank you so much on behalf of the people in Farmington, and Farmington has always been this way and has been very supportive of each other and for that we are grateful," Akin said.