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Letter: Farmington City Council holds fake meeting on police chief

To the editor:

Here are two revealing examples of the way the Farmington City Council dealt with the removal of our police chief.

1). The agenda for the Aug. 20 City Council meeting, as published and distributed, had the appointment of a new interim police chief in the Consent Agenda (item 2). The item to "consider" asking Chief Brian Lindquist to step down was item 12.

Appointing a new interim chief BEFORE the council considers asking the chief to step down. That is a classic case of telling the public that they will be allowed to speak to the council but we have decided that it is not going to make any difference!

It was truly a fake public meeting to consider public opinion.

2). The council voted 3-2 in favor of removing Chief Lindquist. Mayor Todd Larson and Council member Terry Donnelly voted to keep the chief. In Council member's Katie Bernhjelm's closing remarks she said the chief had requested more officers and she said she asked him "if more officers could be used for aid with fingerprinting, car seat checks, daily briefings at roll calls." This shows her lack of knowledge about police duties or was an example of her sarcasm.

The voters can tell Bernhjelm to step down on election day this November. Jason Bartholomay did not file for reelection and Robyn Craig has two more years on her term and there is no recall procedure for a council member.

Leon W. Orr