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Forty-eight finish at Grandma’s

Forty-eight area runners – 24 each from Farmington and Rosemount – completed Saturday’s Grandma’s Marathon from Two Harbors to Duluth.

Jim Browning of Rosemount was once again the top area finisher, placing 531st out of 7,522 finishers with a time of 3 hours, 25 minutes, 49 seconds. Michelle Goodwin was the top women’s finisher from Rosemount with a time of 3:46:07.

Other Rosemount runners were (in order of finish) Sam Olson, Shelby Stockdale, Barry Williamson, Blair Aakre, Anja Firchow, Masahiro Sugii, Heather O’Leary, Cara Pavek, Alyssa Pilger, Josephine Domingo (one of 216 grandmas in the field), Brandon Dahl, Carrie Allen, Don Soule, Rob Amott, John Kinsella, Kristin Westermeir, Brian Alementi, Cheryl Alementi, Mike Westmeier, Aimee Peter, Jerry Olson and Melissa Eibner.

Jennifer Bergstrom paced Farmington’s 24 marathoners with a time of 3:47:40. She finished 1,195th overall and 316th out of 3,742 female runners. Ed Lauer also broke four hours, coming in at 3:55:17.

Other Farmington finishers were Eva-Marie Kremer, Amber Ottney, Erin Basavage, Melony Schmitz, Laura Hanks, Sara Robertson, Paul Watson, Nathan Flynn, Lori Stellick, Denae Schuldt, Mary Conine, Kathryn Strandquist, Laurie Husaby (one of 216 grandmas), Tracy Sainsbury, Jared Flannery, Shannon Herrera, Steve Wilson, Tim Hickey, Lori Flannery, Katie Hickey, Jonny Silk, Mindy Schneller.