Mogensen surpasses 1,000 points in prep career


Scoring 1,000 points in a career is something many basketball players dream of and very few accomplish. When they do, it's often in the middle of their senior season as a fitting cherry on top of a great prep career. The Farmington Tigers' Molly Mogensen passed 1,000 points last Friday in the Tigers' regular season finale against Lakeville North. It was made special by the fact that she was completely unaware of how close she was to the mark and the reaction of her fans, teammates and coaches when she did it. Making it even more special is that Mogensen is only a sophomore, having been a key contributor for the Tigers since she was in seventh grade.

Everyone kept Mogensen in the dark about how close she was to 1,000 points, which she said made it even more exciting.

"I had no idea I was even close," she said. "Once I scored the lay-up, everyone kept cheering and I thought coach called a timeout. Then all my teammates came running out and I was like 'what are you guys doing?' Then I turned around and saw all the signs and I was very shocked that I just had scored my thousandth point. It was so much fun and exciting."

Despite not knowing how close she was to 1,000, Mogensen said she had thought about the mark in the past.

"I have thought about scoring my thousandth, but I didn't know when it was going to happen, and I didn't worry about it either," she said. "I just went out to play every game the same way, focused and relaxed. I didn't really have the goal of scoring 1,000 points. My goal since fourth grade is to beat my mom's (Julie Mogensen) scoring record (which is 1,434 points)."

Head coach Liz Carpentier said that Mogensen has not only improved, but also has accepted different roles on the team as the years have gone by.

"Obviously, she's improved her skill level and her consistent shooting every year," she said. "I think it's just impressive that she's reach 1,000, because the last couple years she's been asked to do a lot of the scoring, and this year we have scorers on our team so she has definitely understood her role that there is going to be games where she scores 15 or 17 points and then there's going to be games where she might score six. Her basketball IQ has improved so much and then understanding what we need her to do out of the point guard role."

Tigers get the two seed

Farmington earned the second seed in Section 1AAAA and hosted No. 7 New Prague on Wednesday, Feb. 28. The winner will play No. 3 Lakeville South or No. 6 Rochester Mayo on Saturday, March at 1 p.m.

Heading into sections, Carpentier said her team is playing very well but there is still room for improvement.

"I think this month has been the month where it's kind of all starting to come together and I still feel like we haven't played our best game yet, all around," she said. "I think that's coming, but we are definitely playing with a lot of confidence right now and I think that's the most important thing. And just playing so unselfishly as a team."

The Tigers finished their regular season with a 17-9 overall record, 11-7 in the South Suburban Conference which put them in fourth. There are two other SSC teams in Section 1AAAA, Lakeville South and North, and the Tigers could end up facing both of them. South ended the regular season and conference play at .500, while North took second in the SSC and is the top seed in the section.